Reprap 3D Printer Control Motherboard ZRIBV2/V3 Compatible with RAMPS 1.4 Printer Control Reprap Mendel Prusa ZONESTAR P802 D810

Zonestar Reprap 3D Printer Controller Board Motherboard ZRIB Compatible with RAMPS 1 4 Control Mendel Prusa
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Description: ZRIB is the combination of Arduino MEGA2560 plus RAMPS1.4 and A4982 in 3D printer. It is a feature rich all-in-one electronics solution for Reprap and other CNC devices. It features an onboard ATmega2560. Its five motor outputs are powered by A4982 stepper drivers. It use FTDI FT232R device(V2) or CP2012(V3) for USB and not ATMEGA16U2 as MEGA2560 for ARDUINO. The board can use the same firmware as Ramps1.4. ZRIB V2 is designed to be flexible in the user’s power source availability, allowing any power supply from 12V-24V. It is supplied with a P802N Frimware defualt and you can upload another firmware. You can upload(Arduino IDE ,Cura etc.) firmware through USB port. Features:

  • Combinate Ard-uino MEGA2560 + RAMPS1.4 + 5 x A4982 drivers
  • Ard-uino MEGA compatible Atmega2560 processors are compatible with all RAMPS class firmware
  • Firmware can use the same configuration as RAMPS1.4
  • It is suitable for dual-Extrude printer
  • Easy DISPLAY + SD-CARD connector, RepRapDiscount SmartController compatible pin header on board
  • 3x temperature ADC connectors for thermistors
  • 2x Fan control and 1x board cooler connector
  • Up to 6 motor drivers (2x Serial connect Z motor connector)ith A4982
  • 4x PWM capable power mosfet outputs with voltage selector for MainPower.(Bed, Extruder0, Extruder1, Fans)
  • 6x endstop connectors with selectable power supply Xmin/Xmax/Ymin/Ymax/Zmin/Zmax, with filter capacitor and the pull-up resistor on the board
  • Recoverable fuse for short-circuit protection.
  • V2 version USB Driver Chip FT232RL, you can get files from ftdichip website to setup driver

  • V3 version USB Driver Chip CP2012, you can get files from Silicon-Laboratories website to setup driver

Note: If you purchase some other parts, printer kit, etc. from our store, we will packing this item with your other parts or printer kit in the same parcel and send to you. Please place an order include all you need and DON’T FINISH PAYMENT, then leave message to us, we will reduce the shipping cost for you. Thanks!

Please carefully read the following contents before purchase.

>>>To Russia buyers:

1. We have cleared the customs for you, you don’t need deal with it again.

2. If you choose shipping from China, usually the parcel will be delivered directly to your address(door to door), delivery time is about 25-35 days. But if your address is out of the express company delivery area, the parcel will be delivered to the nearest logistics company outlets to your address and you need to go there to pick it up by yourself, and delivery time maybe up to 45~60 days.


The documentation is stored in SD card(if applied), include installation guide, user manual, video tutorial, software tools download link, firmware, troubleshooting, wiring diagram, etc.We update the documentation every week, you can free download from our cloud disk.


We can provide 0.25KG/roll, 0.5KG/roll, 1Kg/roll, if you need more filaments, please contact with us. We offer many colors filament for you to choose, include Black,White,Red,Yellow,Orange,Blue,Green,Pink,Gold,Gray,Silver,Transparent.If you need these color, Please leave message to us when you place an order. We’ll try our best to meet your requirements. If it’s out of stock, we’ll arrange random color PLA to you. We don’t accept the dispute because of the color of the gift filamet.


Q: Does this product has heat bed?

A: Yes, almost all of our products have a heat bed, except for D806(D806B has heat bed), D807, and D810(D810B has heat bed). The power of the hot bed depends on the size of hotbed, for example, 65W for D806B and 140W for P802. All of the heat bed is all-in-one and the model is MK3, and they are made by 3mm aluminum plate.

Q: Can I choose filament? Can I choose filament color?

A: If you choose shipping from our oversea warehouse, the filament is PLA and color is Random, if you choose shipping from China, we will try our best to meet your requirements. But if we don’t have these color filaments in our stock, we will contact you and ask you to extend ORDER PERPARE TIME or change to another color. Please pay attention to our message in Aliexpress.

Q: How about the power cord standard?

A: We will ship the appropriate power cord according to the country of accept address. But If you choose shipping from Germany Warehouse, the power cord is EU standard. If you have any special requests, please leave us a message when you place an order.

Q: What is the filament run out detection? Can I add a filament run out detection module for dual extruder printer?

A: Often we don’t know whether or not the rest of filament in the roll is enough to finish printed a model. If this happens, it will waste a lot of time and money. Connected this module to your printer, the printer will pause printing automatically when the filament roll is run out, then you can use a new filament to continue printing. Dual extruder can also use this module, but you need to buy 2 pcs and connect the module to X+ and Y+ connector on the control board.

Q: Can I use the laser kit to our 3d printer?

A: The laser kit can be used for the following models: P802 serial(P802N/P802C/P802MII/P802S) /D80X serial(D805/D806/D808), please make sure your printer is equipped with a ZRIB control board.

Q: Which product has dual extruder?

A: We named the dual extruder product as xxxxR2, for example, P802NR2, P802MR2, P802QR2, D805R2, are dual extruder product.

Q: What is the warranty rule of your products? If my product is damaged after the warranty period, how to deal with it?

A: As a DIY product, our product warranty is slightly different from the general product, the specific rules are as follows:

Electronic accessories and parts:

If there is a problem with the product within 7 days upon received, and you can provide us some relevant evidences(pictures or videos) for confirmation, we will send you the replacement without any charge. If there is a problem with the product within 8-45 days upon received, and you can provide us some relevant evidences(pictures or videos) for confirmation, we can send you the replacement and you only need to pay for the shipping cost. If there is a problem with the product within 46-365 days upon received, we can provide you with necessary accessories/parts at cost price. Or, you could return the malfunction part(s) to us for free repair. However, you will be responsible for the shipping costs of both way.

Mechanical accessories and parts:

If there is a problem with the product within 7 days upon receive, and you can provide us some relevant evidences(pictures or videos) for confirmation, we will send you the replacement without any charge. If there is a problem with the product within 7-90 days upon receive, and you can provide us some relevant evidences(pictures or videos) for confirmation, we can send you the replacement and you only need to pay for the shipping cost. If there is a problem with the product within 91- 365 days upon receive, we can provide you with necessary accessories/parts at cost price.

Please notice that the following parts are not in the scope of warranty services: Gift, Packaging, Hotend, Nozzle, SD card, Filament, Wire, screws.

If your printer is out of the warranty period, please contact us before purchase, we will provide you with preferential prices.

Q: How to purchase multiple products in one order? How to reduce freight when I buy the machine and accessories at the same time?

A: First add all of the products you want to purchase to “Shopping Cart”, then click the “Buy All” button in the shopping cart. Once you have confirmed that all the products you want in the shopping cart, click “Confirm&pay” to confirm the order ( If you didn’t confirm, we can’t see your order and reset the price for you). If all of the products are the same shipping mode (e.g. “Aliexpress standard shipping”), the system will calculate the weight and combine freight automatically, you can finish payment directly. If there are different shipping mode, please contact with us to reset the price for you.

Q: Do I have to pay duty on the products I buy? How much do I have to pay?

A: Free shipping don’t include DUTY. Different countries have different rules on tariffs. Because some of the country’s tax threshold is higher than product value, so you don’t need to pay the duty. E.g. USA, Australia. If you are from EU and choose shipping from Germany warehouse, you don’t need to pay the import duty. If you are from Russia, we have clear the customs too. If you have any question about this, please contact with us before purchase. PS: import duty is usually charged by courier.

NOTE: Any customs tax are the buyer’s responsibility, If you have any doubts about customs, please seek advice from your local customs office. We will choose the suitable declare name (3d printer parts or 3D printer filament according to your purchase) and amount for you ,so as to clean the customs successfully. If you have any special requisition, please leave message when you place an order and we will try our best to meet your requirement. But if there are any issue because of the declare value or declare name, you have to deal with custom clearance yourself. Any question, please feel free to contact with us.

Q: The parcel has arrived and the courier ask me to pay the the tariff, what’s happened if I don’t pay it and get the parcel.

A: First you will can’t get the parcel, and because in some country the customs will return the parcel to the send address, the shipping cost maybe is higher than the product value.If so we will charge the balance from you. So please be clear about the customs regulations before you purchase!

Q: I use Linux( or Mac.) OS, can I print from computer?

A: Yes, many of HOST and slicing softwares can support Linux and Mac. OS, you can use these software in your PC or Laptop.

Q: Can I print from SD card(does the printer support off-line printing)?

A: Yes, the print can support print from SD card, you can slicing the model and store gcode file to SD card and then start to print from SD card.

Q: Do you provide the HOST and slicing software?

A: There are a lot of good free software on the Internet, we will provide you with the download link.

Q: I’m a student and I worried about whether the product is easy to assmble, what document do you provide?

A: We provide some very detailed documentations for installation, using and commissioning of the course and video, if you are interested, you can scan the QR code to watch these videos. Don’t worry about how to assemble, in our YouTube channel, you can see how the children who are only 12 years old can complete it.

Q: What should I do after I receive the product? If the box is damaged, what should I do?

A: The parcel have passed strict inspection before they leave the factory. When you receive the package, if the box is good, please sign, and we suggest that you take a video when you open the box, so that once you find the parts are lost or damaged, you can ask us to resend the missed or damaged parts. If the box is damaged, please take some photos and ask the courier to complain to get the Claim number. We will provide these photo to our courier to claim and then refund you or send the damaged parts to you for free.

Q: I have received the parcel but missed some parts, what should I do?

A: Although we have checked the products before it left the factory, but because the package may be reopen for inspection in the course of transportation, some parts may still be lost. If you can provide the unboxing video, we will send the missed parts to you ASAP for free. If you haven’t, please contact with us, we will try our best to give you a satisfactory solution.

Q: How long will it take me to get the goods after I order?

A: Delivery time depends on the shipping mode and the receiving address, Customs clearance, safety checks and weather also affect delivery time. The following is a statistical form of delivery time for your reference:

Q: Why your salesmen tell me my receiving address is in the remote area of the logistics company? What shall I do?

A: First of all logistics companies will has delivery remote areas, and different logistics companies has different remote areas. They will charge $40 to $50 remote fee for every shipping order. Secondly, only after you place the order we know whether your address belongs to the remote areas of the logistics company, so our salesman contact you after you placed an order and ask you to pay the cost of remote fee, or ask you to change to another shipping mode that do not need to charge the remote fee (but the freight may increase).

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